Receiving a reduced hotel room rate, even when checking in.

     Contact both a hotel's chain's main number and the hotel directly because either may offer a better rate. Be sure to ask for a discount and state any travel clubs or organizations for which you are a member and mention any special advertisements or coupons.

     Consult the front desk upon check-in ensuring you have received the lowest available room rate. If a room with a lower rate is available, then utilize the lower priced room even though your reservation reflects the higher rate. It doesn't hurt to ask!

     Try to negotiate the price of the room, but be discreet to ensure no other customers are in the area to hear the lower price offered to you. Use the prices of competition in the area (check around asking the rates for a few hotels). Many hotels will lower their rates because they want your business. A rented room at a reduced rate is better than an empty room at a higher rate.

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