Protecting your money when traveling.

     A combination of cash and travelers checks is a good idea for protecting your money while traveling. Traveler's checks typically cost a dollar or two per $100 and are a good idea particularly when traveling overseas. Ensure the receipt containing the travelers check numbers and the travelers checks are kept separately to minimize risk of lose if they need to be replaced.

     Hide your money and your personal belongings when staying in the hotel room, but keep in mind the hotel employees know the common hiding places. Try hiding your belonging in hard to reach places, even consider using masking tape. The hotel employee's are supposed to be honest and trustworthy, as perceived from hotel management and from the hotel policy, but some employee's are working at or near minimum wage and may need extra income. They may search in obvious and easy to reach places in the hotel room and may even search through your belongings. Surprisingly, your belongings may even be safer on you outside the hotel than in the hotel away from your sight. Conversely, there are hotels and employee with impeccable customer service offering trust and values.

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