Saving money on phone calls when staying at a hotel.

     Typically hotels charge an access fee for any phone calls originating from the room. The charges for accessing a long distance carrier, even if using a calling card, or a local phone call usually range from $.25 - $1.00. Save on the phone calls by using a pay phone down the hall or near the lobby.

     Ensure the room rate you are charged does not contain a fee for activating the room's phone for local calls, particularly when you do not intend to make any calls from the room. Demand the charge be removed!

     Do not make long distance calls from a hotel unless using a calling card. The hotel will charge you exorbitant rates as a penalty for the hotel having to bill you for the call. The long distance charges will typically be higher than a collect call. Instead, purchase a prepaid calling card for a much cheaper price or use a pay phone.

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