Are you on a "Plan to Fail" or do you "Fail to Plan"?
95% of the American population "Fail to Plan" for their future needs and goals!

Two reasons why:

  • Don't have any money to plan!
  • Don't know how to plan!

    The objective of the Practical Guide to Better Money Management is to provide helpful hints and information based on my own personal experiences and observations. I am not a professional money manager or financial planner, nor do I have any special degrees or licenses. The detailed information found in this book is meant to educate and inform you on improving your methods of money management, controlling and eliminating existing debt, learning how not to get into debt, teaching you how to purchase the same items you normally purchase at a lower price, understanding the value of money, saving your money for future spending needs, and developing a "Plan to Succeed”"
    Many people were never taught how to manage their hard-earned money and how not to waste it. More than 80% of all Americans are currently paying off debt, as well as being rated as the highest spenders in the world. Less than 5% of the money earned by an American citizen is saved for future needs, one of the lowest of all developed countries in the world. Up to 95% of the American population "Fail to Plan" because they don't know how and/or they don't have any money.
    The Practical Guide to Better Money Management will provide you the information necessary to address the above concerns. You will not need to alter your life-style, only rethink your spending habits and the way you think about managing your money. The continual application of the helpful ideas covered in this book will allow you to become more disciplined in your spending habits. The book will reveal an exciting opportunity for improving your ability to save money, preparing for possible financial hardships, eliminating any existing debt, preventing future debt problems, and preparing for your future spending needs (i.e.: traveling, children's education, retirement, purchasing a car or home, and much more). The book also describes many options for managing and investing the money you have saved.
    I am confident you will be satisfied and save money by following the information in this book. If you are not able to save any money by applying the information is this book, then I will refund your purchase price. No explanation is necessary, although I would like to understand why so I might improve this product! The refund offer is valid if the book is returned within 90 days from the date of purchase. Although, I know you will be very satisfied and you will find the information very useful and beneficial for building your future prosperity.
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